Designer Dave Hakkens wins Young Designer Award

October 18 2014

This weekend, the annual Dutch Design Awards were presented in the Klokgebouw. Industrial designer Dave Hakkens is the winner of the Young Designer Award, special incentive award for young talent.

Design quality and commitment

Industrial designer Dave Hakkens graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013. He wants to improve the world by making people aware of mass production and the way we deal with products. His modular telephone project Phonebloks and the recycling installation Precious Plastic aroused wide international attention. With the Young Designer Award, the international jury, chaired by Atzo Nicolai (DSM) rewards Hakkens for his design qualities, but also for his commitment: with his open source approach and clever use of social media, he succeeds in sharing knowledge and mobilizing a huge group of people to put pressure on large producers and make them think about modular systems.

Other finalists

From a total of 30 entries, the selection committee (chaired by Saskia van Stein, Bureau Europa) selected three finalists in August. Other nominees were fashion designer Liselore Frowijn and animator Niels Hoebers.

Dutch Design Awards

Dutch Design Awards are internationally renowned awards for the best design in the field of Dutch design. Together, the awards ceremony, an exhibition of the work of all the finalists during Dutch Design Week, and the annual edition of the Dutch Design Yearbook (in collaboration with nai010 publishers) constitute a platform for Dutch design across its full scope.

Designer Dave Hakkens wins Young Designer Award pr_dda_winnaar_young_designer_award_eng.docx
Ontwerper Dave Hakkens wint Young Designer Award pr_dda_winnaar_young_designer_award_nl.docx