Where is he at ..? Dave Hakkens

October 6 2015
Credit Milan Vermeulen
Credit Milan Vermeulen

Last year, Dave Hakkens won the Young Designer Award. What has all happened since then? We asked him briefly about how and what he is doing.

In what way has your studio changed since last year?

In the last year I have concentrated on setting everything up properly: the company, my workshop, the online data and of course the tax authorities. This was essential considering that a year ago I did not even have a real workshop. The breakthrough of Phonebloks literally caused an explosion in my life. I now have everything organised and I am heavily involved in the development of my projects. I am right in the middle of them now.

How have you developed your design practice since winning the prize?

Through streamlining all the basic facilities in my studio, I have created space. Now at last I can focus on my new designs.

Has winning the prize opened doors for you and which were they?

Winning the Young Designer Award did not actually open physical doors, apart from the door to publicity. Perhaps more importantly it gave me personal things, like confidence and validation. It was a confirmation that I was on the right track and that I should certainly continue. I am very grateful for this validation.

What is your most recent project?

I consider it important to take projects completely to their fruition, through which they can cause actual change. Which is the reason why I am still completely immersed in Phonebloks and the continued development of the Plastic Machines. In addition, I recently started a video project about a number of things that I have experienced in the last year: “My stories worth sharing.” I really enjoy solving problems. But sometimes it is not even necessary to design something to solve a problem. Often inspiring, informing and motivating people can have more impact. This project went online this week.