What is Fabrique up to now?

October 14 2016
Fabrique, studio in Delft
Fabrique, studio in Delft


Fabrique is a regular guest at Dutch Design Awards. They have several nominations to their name. What are they up to now? We have a talk with board member Matthijs Klinkert, who since the beginning of this year forms the new managing board of Fabrique, together with Pieter Jongerius and Erik van der Meer.

What has Fabrique been up to since being shortlisted for a Dutch Design Award?  

Fabrique is doing very well indeed. Over the last few years we have managed to expand and consolidate our design expertise internationally. We recently launched the “Dayfinding app” for the Tate Modern in the heart of London. We are currently working on successful projects in England, the Middle East and the United States. We hardly dared to dream of this 5 years ago!

Which projects are you currently involved in?

Too many to mention them all here. We are heavily involved in many innovative projects and develop products for financial companies. There is a lot of innovation taking place there and there is a lot of scope for thinking up service design concepts. We are also working on a new visual identity for the Scottish Ballet and, finally, we are busy with an online concept for a major meditation centre in the USA.

Dayfinding App for Tate Modern
Rijksstudio for Rijksmuseum
Fabrique, studio in Rotterdam

What can we expect from Fabrique in the future?

What we believe is very inspiring and fun is that we can again make greater use of our knowledge of “hard core" industrial design, in combination with our wide-ranging experience in the field of screen design. With the rise of the Internet of Things and the understanding of consumers in this field, we are doing an increasing number of projects that require both of these areas of expertise. We are working on a top secret project in this area, which lots of people in and around Amsterdam are really going to enjoy in the coming years!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

We have been in existence for almost 25 years, so to name a single highlight is quite a task in itself. But if you were to really push us, then I think that our Rijksmuseum relationship and the development of the Rijksstudio (with which we won the DDA in 2013) was very special. And as we speak we are making beautiful new things for The Rijks that you will be hearing a lot about next year.

THE MAKING OF #DDW16 TEASER from Dutch Design Week on Vimeo.

Do you have any tips for emerging talents?  

We would like to say to everyone with a lot of talent that talent is not enough on its own. Everyone knows a misunderstood genius or a very promising talent that did not make it. What transforms you from a talent to a really tremendous designer is ensuring that you learn to work hard and that you remain open for learning from more experienced designers. Embrace the idea that it takes a long time to become a truly good designer.

During Dutch Design Week (22-30 October) Fabrique will be on show everywhere. They designed the campaign of #DDW16.