Making of the Dutch Design Awards 2016 Exhibition - Exposize

October 18 2016


After a successful partnership in 2015, Dutch Design Awards is continuing the collaboration with Exposize, a team that specialises in large format print applications. To have an insight into the making of process of the Dutch Design Awards 2016 exhibition we talked with Vincent van Herk from Exposize and Glamcult Studio.


For this year’s concept of Dutch Design Awards, the Contemporary Design Show, Glamcult Studio was inspired by the spectacular and somewhat dramatic design of the circus and performing arts; the stage curtain being one of them. They, therefore, wanted to work with printed backdrops. The printing of patterns on cloth and extraordinary materials appeared to be one of Exposize’s strong points. With their advice Glamcult Studio found the right materials to separate spaces and create a spectacle of light and darkness.


As the supplier of the printed backdrops, can you tell us something about the used material?

Backdrops are more known as an “advertising-material”, this decoration is more of a subtle fine-art design. Thus I would like to call the material Curtains, or even better: Customized Curtains. They are a great way to express creativity; fine-art digital printed curtains with absolute creative freedom. In this project, we printed a curtain with a natural look and feel and a certain transparency. The fickle textile fibres are visible on the surface and create an extra dimension in the design. Furthermore, we have chosen for an instalment with an alu profile, to create a flat curtain-surface. For a more intense experience of the movement in the pattern design, we made sure the bottom of the curtain has a loose character. In that way the material moves, just as the design mimics.

What makes this technique so special?

You can create every length you want, with every design you want on demand. Creativity is your only limitation…

What was the main reason to become a partner of Dutch Design Awards 2016?

Exposize is well known in the world of interior and retail as a print partner that loves to tango with the designers. Our firm belief is that when you create a transparent environment in printing, co-creation is always a result. Therefore we are closely involved in most projects already from early stages. Our production plant is often used as kind of a play garden or print-safari for the designer. By starting the collaboration with Dutch Design Awards a few years ago, we wanted to inspire the designers to use printed graphics as a tool to create a visual experience. Always with creativity as the only boundary.

Want to see the end result? Visit the Dutch Design Awards 2016 exhibition in the Veemgebouw from 22 - 30 October 2016. Get your tickets here.