October 25 2016
Nick Bookelaar
Nick Bookelaar


Dutch Design Awards 2016 exhibition wouldn’t be possible without the work of the finalists. But how and where to exhibit it for everyone to see? Art directors Glamcult Studio had a vision in mind which Baars & Bloemhoff, the provider of decorative plate materials, helped to realise. To find out more about the collaboration we talked with Johan van der Meer from Baars & Bloemhoff and Glamcult Studio.


For the interior design of the Dutch Design Awards 2016 exhibition, we created a series of modules to display the designs loosely inspired by a house of cards. Connecting to the visual design of this year’s concept of Dutch Design Awards, Contemporary Design Show, Baars & Bloemhoff made it possible to create panels with differently coloured surfaces on each side with your own preferred finishing. Invisible to the eye, they advised us on the inside of the different types of panels and the processing of them.

Nick Bookelaar

For Dutch Design Awards 2016 you provide interior materials for both exhibition. What was the main reason for Baars & Bloemhoff to partner with Dutch Design Awards 2016?

Baars & Bloemhoff: As a specialist in the field of decorative materials, we are working together with architects and designers on different everyday projects. Two years ago we opened material library Broeinest in Strijp-S for designers and since then we are participating in Dutch Design Week. Ever since also the bond between Dutch Design Foundation and Baars & Bloemhoff has become stronger. When we were asked to provide interior materials and our insight for the Dutch Design Awards Exhibition we didn’t have to think twice. Especially after seeing the sketches that Glamcult Studio had made.

Baars & Bloemhoff is always looking for new interior materials. Can you tell us something about the chosen material for Dutch Design Awards 2016?

Baars & Bloemhoff: We arranged to meet up with Glamcult Studio in our material library Broeinest to see what materials would work best with their ideas. Together we went through our assortment of 2500 different decors and materials; we advised Glamcult Studio about the possibilities and characteristics of materials. Glamcult Studio was looking for something with a soft and matte appearance versus luxurious glam to create a contrasting experience. In the end, we decided on black and white sides of one of our latest novelties Duropal Xtreme. This material is matte with a soft and beautiful touch. The material is also scratch resistant thus perfect for exhibition furniture that is being intensively used. For the sides, we chose to use shiny metal in gold colour from the Homapal collection. The golden touch created the expected contrast.

We heard it was not easy to come up with a solution for the design. How do you tackle challenges like these?

Baars & Bloemhoff: Glamcult Studio’s design was easy to make. It was the short-term production time before the start of Dutch Design Week that made it challenging. Luckily we have a good network and connections with interior manufacturers and processing professionals all over the Netherlands thus we were able to realise the project on time. Our partners Rietjens & Vranken cut and finished 300 panels in different sizes of the Duropal Xtreme as well as added the finishing touches of the gold plates on the sides from Homapal metal and drilled holes for the hinges. We are very happy with the result and are proud that we were able to contribute to Glamcult Studio’s beautiful design.

Want to see the end result? Visit the Dutch Design Awards 2016 exhibition in the Veemgebouw from 22 - 30 October 2016. Get your tickets here.