From Capital D to Dutch Design Foundation

December 17 2015

It’s official: Capital D has become Dutch Design Foundation. A new name that is more in line with our national and international activities.

A name that is more recognisable and to the point. We also changed the legal status: from a cooperative to a foundation. Incidentally, the foundation will be taking on all of the cooperative’s rights and obligations, so all the existing agreements, contracts etc. will remain intact. The changes in name and legal status match our main objective far better: the reinforcement of the ecosystem of design. We believe that designers – no matter their speciality – are essential for designing the future. Which is why Dutch Design Foundation will focus on strengthening their position, development and importance.

We can only achieve this through remaining loyal to our roots and to everyone with whom we have created this success over the years. In order to anchor this aim in the foundation, we shall appoint a broad Advisory Board comprised mainly of designers. We will continue to focus on the design platforms such as Dutch Design Week, Dutch Design Awards, PROUD and Smart Culture. But we do more and we are ambitious:

  • Supporting Dutch designers in finding their way to national and international companies, organisations and governments.

  • The stimulation of companies, organisations and government to deploy the power of innovative and visionary design on an even greater scale in the design of our future.

  • Stimulating excellence through supporting talent, through encouragement, through recognition and through rewarding the very best with prizes.

  • Offering inspiration; providing direction; exposing issues; facilitating research and debate.

  • Exploration of the current meaning of Dutch Design, with a large public of professionals and users.

Not just in a facilitating and supporting capacity, but also through playing curating and pioneering roles. That is Dutch Design Foundation, together with everyone who believes in the power of Dutch Design.