Call for nominations for biennal BNO Piet Zwart Award

June 8 2015
Ulf Moritz Winnaar BNO Piet Zwart Prijs 2013
Ulf Moritz Winnaar BNO Piet Zwart Prijs 2013

Do you want to nominate a designer that has been of great significance for the field? Up until now, the panel of judges determined who was eligible fot this award, but from this year onward you can decide who qualifies. Nominations can be submitted with motivation until 8 June 2015 for the oeuvre award of the field of Dutch design.

The biennal award, which was initiated in 1983, is being granted during the Dutch Design Week. Designers from all disciplines can be nominated if they meet one or more of the criteria below: There is excellent work in one or more design disciplines, ie there has been long-term designing on a high and professional level. An exceptional contribution has been delivered to the meaning and the respect of the field. The works are an example to the next generation(s) of designers


From the different nominations, the panel of judges of the BNO Piet Zwart Award will select the winner of the Piet Zwart Award 2015. This years panel includes: Timo de Rijk (chairman), Hans Dirken, Ed van Hinte, Christien Meindertsma, Joost Grootens and Koert van Mensvoort. Secretary of the jury is BNO-director Madeleine van Lennep.


The award consists of a fysical award, a network event and a presentation that is in the light of the winner and his or her work. The award will be presented during the Dutch Design Awards ceremony on October 24, 2015. Former winners are Ulf Moritz (2013), Gerard Unger (2012) and Marijke van der Wijst (2011).