Behind the scenes at... FaberExposize

October 18 2017

For the third time, FaberExposize teams up with Glamcult for the making of Dutch Design Awards. Once again, FaberExposize works as a print partner on the visual experience using creative print applications. Both decorative and as support of the routes in the expo.

In the spring of 2017, the first brainstorm sessions for the interior design of the exhibition were organized. With visual experience in the back of the mind, the process of discovering and inspiration started as well. During the summer the process gained more and more shape, until it finally grew to a definitive design, with material choices and color matching.

The images below show a small part of the production process. FaberExposize owns the complete print production and finishing touch. All ways of printing are divided amongst 4 locations in the Netherlands. In this way, the company stays close to the process. In the photos, the locations in Amsterdam and Eindhoven are shown. The exclusive goldpaper prints and luxury textiles are printed. For the material, FaberExposize focusses the most on rich textiles in various transparencies. The last photo is made in the exhibtion.

Next to the enthusiasm FaberExposize has for the support and cooperation with creative talent, the company is happy to be partner of Dutch Design Awards because they are able to develop the possibilities for their creative industry and explore their creativity. FaberEposize works a lot with digital print projects, with a lot more possibilities than the traditional print work. As partner of Dutch Design Awards, FaberExposize helps designers shape their creativity and their business which leads to the most valuable cooperations.