Back to the Future – 15 years Dutch Design Awards

February 23 2017

Dutch Design Awards (DDA) celebrates the future. The open call for Dutch Design Awards 2017 announces the 15th edition of the most prestigious design prizes in the country. DDA has rewarded Dutch designers since 2003 for their most impressive, innovative, ground-breaking and sometimes world-improving projects. In this anniversary year DDA celebrates the future with a new batch of designs, publishing the archive and telling the story behind 15 years of the best of Dutch design.

Over the last 15 years projects have been rewarded that we still use today or experience as daily reality. Remember the bicycle rack Velopa EasyLift (VanBerlo, 2011), the Storm Umbrella (Senz, 2007) or the website for electronic tax returns from the Dutch tax authorities (Eden Design & Communication, 2004). Other designs have become pure icons, like the Merry Go Round Coatrack (Studio Wieki Somers, 2009) or the Colour Porcelain collection (Scholten & Baijings, 2012).

DDA is also about projects that demonstrate that you can take a radically different approach to existing structures, processes and industries. The PIG 05049 Book (Christien Meindertsma, 2008), the Smart Highway (Studio Roosegaarde, 2012) and Phonebloks (Dave Hakkens, 2013) feature on the impressive list of pioneering Dutch Design Awards finalists.

With Back to the Future DDA goes back in time to look at the future that was then. By publishing different articles and items we dive into the archives and bring you the highlights of 15 years Dutch Design Awards. Check out the complete archive here.