Exhibition 2015

July 27 2015
Bo van Veen
Bo van Veen

The exhibition with the best design of 2015 will be on show from 17-25 October during Dutch Design Week. Besides the Dutch Design Awards exhibition, different high-end design exhibitions will present themselves at the new location: the Veem-building on Strijp-S.


Each year, the works of all finalists are on display in the retrospective exhibition of DDA during Dutch Design Week. The exhibition with the best design of 2015 takes place on Strijp-S, this year in the characteristic Veem-building. La Bolleur was inspired by the uniqueness of the space for the concept of the exhibition. The repetitive ocher pillars lead to a visual game of gridlines. Within the concept of the 'grid', DDA gives meaning to Dutch design anno 2015. On the ninth floor of this former Philips storage, DDA will present itself together with different (inter)national design exhibitions, including Het Stimuleringsfonds.


The DDA exhibition at the Veem-building is open for public daily from 11am-6pm on 17-25 October. Entrance is based on the DDW- passe partout, which provides access to the different main locations of DDW. Buy your tickets here.