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De Ceuvel

Contaminated soil on the site of a former shipyard is purified through the construction of a garden. Visitors are free to refurbish the old houseboats placed in the garden just how they like to. After ten years, the soil will be delivered a lot cleaner.

foto boven: Jean-Pierre Jans
A perfect example of a win-win model


De Ceuvel gives the impression of a utopia that has actually been accomplished. Affordable accommodations and housing not only clean the site, but also lay a solid foundation in the form of a committed community. The project is strong because it originated from and is developed by a community. Only the framework conditions were outlined within which organizations and parties could develop their own plans.

foto: Martijn van Wijk
Studio Space & Matter, DELVA landscape architects, Metabolic, Smeelearchitecture, Jeroen Apers Architect & Studio Valkenier
Ontwerper Space & Matter, DELVA landscape architects & Studio Valkenier
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