DUS Architects

3D Print Canal House


In this three-year 'research and design by doing' project, an international team of partners from different sectors cooperates on the 3D printing (including the use of bio-plastics) of a canal house.

This project gives the general public insight in the research methods of large scale 3D printing


The committee appreciates the innovative way in which the democratization of 3D technology is transferred. A festivity was arranged to involve the public in the debate on the future of 3D printing. Additionally, DUS Architects creates a new space that is accessible to everyone. This is an effective method enabling the architects to contribute to normalizing a new technique among the general public.

foto: Marije van Woerden
Studio DUS Architects
Ontwerper Hedwig Heinsman, Martine de Wit & Hans Vermeulen
Website www.3dprintcanalhouse.com
Extra website www.dusarchitects.com